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A letter from Lewis Reed 12 Mass. Inf.

This is the first let­ter I will post, for no spe­cific rea­son.  Car­man used let­ters like this to fine-tune his man­u­script, although he was mostly inter­ested in the loca­tions of reg­i­ments more than the per­sonal expe­ri­ences of the sol­diers.  There are hun­dreds, thou­sands, of let­ters like this one,  some good, some less use­ful, in the [...]
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Wel­come to my blog site! My name is Tom Clemens, and the focus of this site, in a broad sense, is any­thing deal­ing with the Mary­land Cam­paign of 1862. Because there is already a great site devoted to the bat­tle of Anti­etam, Brian Downey’s Anti­etam on the Web, and an equally great chat group, Talk­A­nti­etam, I [...]
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