Carman to Sam Pittman

There are lit­er­ally thou­sands of let­ters to Car­man and the Bat­tle­field Board, mostly answer­ing inquiries from them. Usu­ally one can deduce the ques­tions by the answers pro­vided, but occa­sion­aly a let­ter from Car­man appears.  Here is one such let­ter where Car­man was ask­ing the man who ver­i­fied the famous “Lost Order” about the details of find­ing it. Carman’s account of this inci­dent is the most accu­rate to date, yet many sub­se­quent authors con­fused these details. Here is what he wroteto Pittman:
Sharps­burg, MD
May 3, 1897
Col. S. E. Pittman
Detroit Mich.

My Dear Pittman,
I am anx­ious to know the hour of the day Sep 13, 1862, that Gen. Lee’s lost order No. 191 was handed to you by Leiut. Col. Col­grove and at what hour it was deliv­ered to Gen. McClel­lan or to his head­quar­ters. I am com­pil­ing a his­tory of the Mary­land Cam­paign and the infor­ma­tion is impor­tant to me.
How is the world using you? As time goes on I see less and less of the old com­rades and they grad­u­ally drop out of sight. When­ever you come this way, inquire for me at the War Dept Wash­ing­ton, where I am gen­er­ally to be found, bar­ring a few weeks in the sum­mer, when I am on the old gory field. With the best of wishes, I am
Yours Sin­cerely
E.A. Carman

(in another hand)
Arrived 5/7

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