Shepherdstown Dinner & Book Signing

Over 100 peo­ple attended a din­ner Fri­day night in Shep­herd­stown. Over 40 copies of my book were sold and I spoke about Car­man and his work at Anti­etam. Sev­eral peices of art­work were auc­tioned to raise money for bat­tle­field preser­va­tion, and every­one seemed to enjoy the evening.

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    I’m mak­ing my first visit to Anti­etam next month. I’ve set aside the ein­rte first day of my vaca­tion (not count­ing the flight from LAX to BWI) to visit the bat­tle­field. I can hardly wait and see­ing these pic­tures makes the wait seem even longer! I first read about the bat­tle in Bruce Catton’s Mr. Lincoln’s Army as a teenager almost 50 years ago. Since then it has been my dream to visit Anti­etam. If you have any sug­ges­tions for a first time vis­i­tor I would love to hear them.

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