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Chimney in East Woods?

 I have been read­ing let­ters from a fel­low named Bres­na­han, 27 IN, who says he saw a stone chim­ney on the west­ern edge of the East Woods near the Corn­field. Any­one ever heard of this before? He says he vis­ited after the bat­tle and the chim­ney was gone, stones hauled away. Hmm.
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Gould Papers

I have spent the last cou­ple days read­ing let­ters from vet­er­ans of the Twelfth Corps. There is quite a dis­pute about where Mans­field was shot and what color horse he was rid­ing. Really. Appar­ently, and I am not the first to pos­tu­late this, they got con­fused between Mans­field, shot in the East Woods, and Goodrich, [...]
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Another favorable review

Check out this link for another review of the Car­man man­u­script Vol. I.
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