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I have spent the last cou­ple days read­ing let­ters from vet­er­ans of the Twelfth Corps. There is quite a dis­pute about where Mans­field was shot and what color horse he was rid­ing. Really. Appar­ently, and I am not the first to pos­tu­late this, they got con­fused between Mans­field, shot in the East Woods, and Goodrich, shot near the D.R. Miller Farm. Fun Stuff. Will post some later.

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  1. Larry Freiheit
    Posted July 14, 2010 at 8:44 pm | Permalink


    Should be inter­est­ing. I always thought that J. M. Gould had pretty much sewed the loca­tion up in his pamphlet–Google Books link:

    He has a lit­tle in his Jour­nals also but I don’t recall read­ing about his horse’s color.


  2. Tom Clemens
    Posted July 14, 2010 at 10:49 pm | Permalink

    The pam­phlet is Gould’s best guess about what hap­pened, and I think it is pretty con­vinc­ing. But some ofthe let­ters he had to wade through, whew! Clas­sic case of vague mem­o­ries and impas­sioned opin­ions. It is pretty enter­tain­ing. I’ll try to post some of it soon.

  3. Posted July 18, 2010 at 6:13 am | Permalink


    In look­ing through my pho­tos I came across a Gard­ner albu­men that had been mounted in a photo album back in the day. The title of the image of D.R. Miller’s fam­ily on the steps of their house reads “Miller’s House, where Genl’ Mans­field fell.” I never really knew why the mis­take. But I guess now I have an idea. This adds fuel to your fire that folks saw Goodrich and thought it was K.F.M.

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