A seldon seen report

Has any­one ever read Col. J.W. Fisher’s Offi­cial Records report for the 5th Penna. reserves at Anti­etam? It is very dif­fer­ent from most reports. At the end of his report he openly accuses two of his offi­cers of what is essen­tially cow­ardice. Here is an exceprt: In thus speak­ing of the gal­lantry of my offi­cers and men I regret that can­dor com­pels me to give the other side of the pic­ture. Cap­tain Collins, of Com­pany K, by some strange fatal­ity finds his health to fail about the com­mence­ment of almost every bat­tle, and I regret to say that in our late strug­gle, on which so much depended, the cap­tain did not make his appear­ance, and is now absent with­out proper leave. Lieu­tenant Shaw, of Com­pany F, dis­grace­fully fled when the reg­i­ment was fired upon in the night, and gave an alarm which to oth­ers, had they been as cow­ardly as him­self, might have proved dis­as­trous. My only regret is that his cow­ardly legs were not equal to the task of car­ry­ing him out of reach of the reg­i­ment. I will for­ward at an early day an appli­ca­tion for his prompt dis­missal.
How about that for can­dor? Evi­dently he couldn’t fol­low up as Collins was wounded at Fred­er­icks­burg, and trans­ferred to the VRC. Shaw was dis­charged, but not until April of 1864!

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